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2024 Shetland Schedules


Palmdale and Sierra Pony


Shetland Division:


1. Rules: Play is governed by OFFICIAL Baseball Rules as documented in the 2023 Rules and Regulation for PONY Baseball, Inc. Shetland League.



2. Field: We will follow the PONY Standards

  1. Pitching Distance will be at 38 feet at the front of the machine

    1. Two (2), three (3) foot lines will be drawn horizontally on both sides of the machine and five (5) feet from the REAR of both outside edges of Pitching Rubber.

  2. Distance between bases 50 ft.

    1. A two (2) foot vertical line will be drawn halfway between each base to assist the umpire in determining where to place the runner when a batted ball is dead.

    2. For timeout purposes, the line where the grass meets the dirt, will determine where the outfield begins and the infield ends.

  3. Recommended Level 5 ball for Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Pitching Machine.


3. Game Length:

  1. Game length shall be (6) innings or 1 hour and 30 minutes. No new inning will start after 1 hour and 30 minutes of game start.

  2. If game is cancelled for any reason it shall be considered a complete game if four innings have been played

  3. If the home team is ahead by more than 10 runs after 3 ½ innings after time has expired the game is considered complete.

  4. If the visiting team is ahead by more than 10 runs after 4 innings after time has expired the game is considered complete.


4. Inning Lengths:

  1. Three (3) outs have been made.

  2. Five (5) runs have been scored. Any runs scored after the initial five runs will be voided. With exception to 5th inning of play.

  3. There will be no extra inning during a regular season game. A tie will be recorded as a half win and half loss for each team.

  4. If an inning cannot be completed for any reason, and after having met the official game length, the game (score) will revert back to the last complete inning.

  5. All players are in the batting lineup and free substitution is utilized in the field. Players on the roster who are absent at the start of the game, or for the entire game, must be placed at the end of the lineup and designated as absent. If an absent player arrives after the start of the game, the player’s name is placed after the last active batter in the lineup.

  6. The 5th inning has a ten (10) runs max.


5. Defensive and Offensive Substitutions:

  1. In the event that ten (10) players are unavailable, a game may be played with a minimum of seven (7) players shall be used defensively, with a maximum of ten (10) FREE Defensive substitutions.

  2. With ten (10) defensive players, there shall be four outfielders stationed NO less than 15 feet behind the baseline when the pitching machine is used.

  3. During defensive play only 2 coaches will be allowed on field located in foul territory down the first and third base line in the outfield. Defenses coaches must remain beyond first and third base. Please remember that during All Stars only 1 coach will be allowed defensively.

  4. During offensive play 3 coaches are allowed on field, (1) Pitcher, (1) First base coach and (1) Third base coach.


6. Playing Rules:

  1. On a batted ball, when an infielder is within baselines, infield perimeters or at a base and has possession of the ball he/she can call time out by raising their hands with ball above their head.

  2. On a batted ball runners may advance until an infielder has control of the ball in the infield or at a base and holds the ball up. Once the ball becomes dead and in the judgment of the umpire the runner has not gone entirely beyond the halfway point between the bases, the runner will be required to return to the base in which they are coming from.


7. Pitching Machine:

  1. The player fielding the pitcher’s position shall take a position 5 feet to the rear of the pitching machine and 3 feet to the left or right. A 2 foot line will be drawn at these positions. The player must keep at least one foot on this line until the pitch enters the batters area. If the other foot is free it will be on the side of the line extending away from the pitching machine.

  2. If a batted ball strikes the coach pitcher, the ball is ruled dead and the pitch counts as a strike with no runners advancing.

  3. The coach who is pitching shall not give any (batter and runner) coaching instructions after ball is hit or in any way interfere with the defensive play once the ball is in play. First warning, next time replace coach.

  4. MANDATORY settings for the machine: Power Lever = 2 Micro Adjust = 3 Release Block = 4

  5. If the ball hits the pitching machine and stays fair, it’s fair. If it hits it and goes foul, it’s foul.


8. Batters:

  1. All players listed on the batting lineup will bat. Once the batting order is submitted to the scorekeeper it will not be changed, except for injury or ejection.

  2. They are not permitted to bunt or swing easy at the ball. (Penalty: the batter shall be called back to the plate, the swing is foul strike, the ball is dead and no runners may advance.

  3. Any batted ball which does not travel beyond 10 foot arch will be considered a foul strike.

  4. T-BALL BATS WILL BE ALLOWED (During League Play, Playoffs or All Stars)

  5. Each batter will receive 6 pitches or 3 strikes whichever comes first.

9. Runners:

  1. Runners are not permitted to steal or leadoff.

  2. Shall remain in contact with the base until the ball is hit, if off the base when ball is hit fair or foul the runner is out.

  3. No infield fly rule.

  4. Scoring from third:

    1. On a batted ball

    2. A continuation play of a batted ball.


10. Field Preparation:

  1. Home team is responsible for setting up field prior to the start of the game.

  2. After the last game, the Home and visiting teams are responsible for putting all the equipment away.

  3. Once the last game has completed, the field will need maintenance, consisting of watering and filling in the holes around home base and pitching mound.


  5. If you are inter-leaguing at Sky Tower, only the home team and the last team playing must put everything away.


11. Scorekeepers:

  1. The official scorekeeper shall record all at bats, hits, runs, strikeouts, bases on ball, innings and scheduled starting time of games, or actual starting time if game is delayed. The scorekeeper shall also notify the umpire at the conclusion of the game to sign the score book before leaving the field.

  2. The official scorer should notify the manager concerned if an ineligible player or an improper batter is about to be used in the game, but the failure of the scorer to do so has no effect upon the rules.

  3. Home team is responsible to keep score and has to provide one and the game is not to start without one.


12. Managers:

  1. Lineup: All managers must ensure that the score cards are filled out completely and specify the following: All players on active team roster specify any player who is absent or reason not eligible to play.

  2. Only the manager/coach (one or the other) will be allowed to speak to the umpire regarding a call. The manager/coach must first call timeout and only when acknowledged by the umpire may he approach the umpire. The opposing manager/coach may approach to listen and may request to speak. All other coaches must remain at their positions in the dugouts or base coach's box. The umpire will control the discussion and state his/her decision. Both managers/coaches will return to their respective areas as soon as possible and resume the game. Excessive delays of the game by either team shall not be tolerated.

  3. No more than a four person coaching staff is permitted in the dugout at all times, no Team Parents unless part of the three person staff. All potential managers and coaches must be approved by the Board of Directors. All coaching staff members in the dugout during game time must be in uniform consisting of:

    1. Team hat

    2. Shirt in team colors or team jersey. No shirts with inappropriate logos.

  4. Any attempts or overt actions by anyone to include spectators to intimidate or disrespect any umpire shall be grounds by the umpire to eject the manager/coach from the game. The ejected person will be required to immediately leave the field and spectator area.


13. Umpires:

  1. At any time the umpires assigned by the league fail to report, or are otherwise unavailable, any other umpires used in that game shall be agreed upon by the opposing managers in writing. The umpires shall sign the official score book at the end of the game.

  2. Judgment calls by the umpire cannot be protested, however where two or more umpires are used in a game, the umpires may confer on close calls where one had a better view of the play.

  3. Protest of a game based upon standing rules must be made in writing identifying the date of the game, teams involved, game start and end time and the basis for the protest. This protest is to be submitted to the league within 24 hours along with a $25 nonrefundable processing fee. The league will make a decision on the protest within four working days.