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Pony Baseball

We are a non-profit organization that is run solely by volunteers. Our league enables children ages 5-14 to compete in a game they love. We have a determined board and coaches that are committed to bring out the best in our players, not only in baseball and softball, but in character and team spirit to follow them through their upcoming years.

The Sierra baseball and softball fields were built in 1990 on land which is leased from the county of Los Angeles. Thousands of  hours by Parents and volunteers were  generated in the construction and maintenance of the Pony and Little League fields that were built to pony specifications complete with dugouts and bullpens. A snack bar that offers a variety of amenities was also built. It is only through the countless volunteers, sponsors and a very generous community that our organization continues to thrive.

Our membership of Sierra Youth Sports holds a great group of people who devote many hours in making this league a success. Each year, we rely on registration (our membership), sponsorships and donations that are vital to the existence and success of this league. Your participation in our league makes a difference and we ask for your continued support.

Board Members/ Contact Us

Baseball President:  Dean Puett III
Softball President:  Nick Coonis
Vice President:  Billy England
Softball Vice Pres:  KC Coonis
Secretary:  Amy Goodman
Registrar:  Danielle Henry
Treasurer:  Russel Ragon
Player Agent:  Nate Goodman
Head Team Mom:  Lindsey Griffin
Co-Uniforms:  Heather Miliotti
Co-Uniforms:  Robin Juarez
Pictures:  Danielle Henry
Trophies:  Haily Watt
Sponsorships:  Sara Tate
Head Umpire:  Bonnie Goodman
Snack Bar Manager:  KC Coonis
Snack Bar Manager:  Shannon Vukelich
Snack Bar Manager:  Stephanie Rudy
Snack Bar Manager:  Liz Zambrano
Equipment Manager:  Jeff Goodman
All Star Coordinator:  Open
Webmaster:  Shannon Vukelich
Fundraising:  Liz Krueger
Publicity:  Jennifer Mandle
Field Maintenance:  Russell Ragon
Asst Field Maintenance:  Pat Hamblin